I'm Kelly Lynn, founder and president of Love Speaks Louder Than Words. Straight from the hills of Connecticut, I find inspiration and love in nature, animals, and community. I am blessed to have the support of families and friends as I battle several chronic illness while raising two young, active boys. However, many do not have adequate emotional or physical support. Sometimes what isolates people the most is the stigma surrounding their issues or the little knowledge of their daily struggles, even misinformation about certain health conditions they live with. It is easy to feel as if one is drowning in what seems like a loveless and judgmental world.

The goal of Love Speaks is up-lifting: speaking out for the voiceless but taking action where others simply speak, helping the world to see together we can lighten each other's load.

Currently, I am trying raise money to get this organization rolling. My hope is for this local effort to become a recognized organization whose launch will eventually spread far and wide, with love infecting everything and everyone with its generous hand, making the world a better and kinder place. This is more than a fundraiser, this is an organization dedicated to helping on an individual level. The name is derived from the idea of love being a powerful uniting force that speaks with action.

The idea of "Love Speaks Louder Than Words" is to build community morale by encouraging those in stressful chronic situations or acute crises through visits, cards, care packages, and other initiatives. Part of this movement is to also teach "Positive Thinking Group" motivational workshops for businesses, schools, and individuals looking to harness the art of cultivating positivity in different aspects of work and leisure. In all things, LSLTW strives to raise awareness of other non-profit events/organizations/movements and bring together those interested in taking action to make the world a better place.

We want to help
❤ Children and adults living with chronic illnesses, invisible illnesses, physical disabilities, etc.,
❤ Children and adults living with with the effects of mental or emotional health issues, mood disorders, drug/alcohol misuse, and learning disabilities,
❤ Families and individuals suffering from tragic accidents, devastating loss of employment, unexpected hardships, and difficult circumstances,
❤ Families or individuals with a new premature or ill baby,
❤ Other small and large organizations that help accomplish these goals and more,
❤ and pretty much anyone anywhere who just needs to know they matter and are loved.

We will focus on circulating awareness, motivation, hope, humor, joy, and love with

❥ Specially-designed books and literature,
❥ Up-to-date Social Media sites with pertinent and thoughtful posts,
❥ Care Packages with Products, Meals, Clothing, and More donated by community sponsors,
❥ Assistance to utilize already-existing government and nonprofit organization programs,
❥ Support groups to aid in improving mental health and well-being through positive thinking,
❥ and being there with a smile or a joke to help lighten your load.

All donations go to making this idea/movement a reality. Thank you to everyone who has donated and volunteered. For those looking to volunteer, pledge a regular contribution, donate for the first time, or repeat a donation, please contact me for more information. Your willing spirit shows that your love speaks louder than words.